My writing experiment

I live in Montreal, the metropolis of French Canada. I arrived here in 2003 knowing a little French and a little English, by my standards.

I use Romanian with my family and some of my friends. I use French and English every single day outside of my home.

There is no choice other than improving both of them by reading and writing and here comes this experiment.

To be more specific and brief: I’ll be writing in Ro, En and Fr. All together, not only in the same post but in the same sentence.

Because, with the use of all three languages, strange things happens. Some meanings and expressions are passed from one language to another, este ca si cum, dintr-odata ideile incep sa apara, sa se ceara bagate in seama, in cu totul alta limba. La fluidité de la langue, et sa poésie, change avec le sujet et avec l’audiance.

And now let’s start!


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